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Divine Service

Sermon drawn up and delivered
by Dr Heinrich Lottering sC
via the Divine Guidance of the

20th July 2014 AD: Defining Church


Most of you would be familiar with the term 'ecclesiastical'. Used in terms like ecclesiastical office, ecclesiastical practise or ecclesiastical post. What does it mean and where does it originally come from. This term finds its origin in the New Testament Canon. The Koine Greek 'ekkalio' which exists of two words namely 'ek' and 'kaleo'. It simply means called out! This is the term the Scriptures uses for the Church....the called out ones!

Please take note that I am not referring to a Church group or denomination, I am referring to the worldwide Body of CHRIST, the believers in JESUS irrelevant of their denominational background. The ancient Christians called what they believed in the Pure Philosophy because the term theology was already used by the Greek pagan philosophers. I am talking about the followers of that divine Pure Philosophy!


We are used to the word 'church' or 'kirk', the latter from Scotland. They inherited this word which was deducted from the Greek word 'kuriakos/ kuriakon' which means belonging to the LORD. Yet this word are only usedtwice in the New Testament Canon referring to the 'LORD's Supper' and the 'LORD's Day' in 1 Corinthians 11:20 & Revelations 1:10 respectively.

Yet 'Ecclesia' are used over two hundred times in the New Testament, referring to the group of people who follow JESUS. This Greek word was originally used for the ruling group of men in the city state of Athens. So know in the New testament Scriptures the writers use this term to refer to us, the new ruling class in GOD's Kingdom – called by GOD to rule and love in HIS authority!

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10th August 2014 AD: What if God was different?


Most of us have grown up in Christian homes and hence have been hearing about the wonderful qualities and characteristics of GOD. Sadly I think we have become almost desensitised regarding the wonder and also the privilege we have to serve a GOD as awesome as the HOLY TRINITY.

Many teachings in Church are often based on promoting a certain lifestyle among us as GOD's children based on imitating HIS qualities. Sometimes individuals find this to high an order to achieve or even 'annoying' and unrealistic to strive for. This has made me ponder on the fact of what if our LORD did not have these qualities...where would it leave us as HIS followers? I pray that after reading this sermon you might have a renewed deep spiritual appreciation for HIS divine Character!!


Isaiah 6:3: And they called back and forth one to the other, Holy, Holy, Holy is GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies.

His bright glory fills the whole earth.

Holy is defined as the absence of sinfulness. What if GOD was not holy, would you have wanted to serve a GOD Who is known for HIS sin and wrongful deeds....just such a thought send shivers down my spine. The ancient Greeks and Romans served a pantheon of gods famous for their sin and scandalous deeds. Bacchus the god of ecstasy and wine was forbidden in many Greek states because of the debauchery of his followers. We serve a GOD Who is sinless, it is impossible to tempt HIM into deeds of iniquity.

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